Friday 29 - Sunday 31 May 2020
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Shields up! Red alert!

Starship Simulator: And we can fly this thing together...

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Book your Playtest at the Expo!

Registration for the Playtest Zone at UKGE2020 is live.

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Book tickets for Miniatures Events

Miniature and war games event tickets are now available to book.

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HeidelBÄR GAMES UKGE2020 Street Name Contest

Vote for HeidelBÄR GAMES' street name at the Expo.

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Live Events go live!

Tickets for Live Events go live today (Friday 10th January).

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The Art of Tabletop

The next wave of tabletop art talent with new university initiative.

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Articles for this year's programme

We need your ideas and writing talents to create articles for the UKGE 2020 programme.

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Happy Christmas Expo 2019Twitter.jpg

Happy Christmas!

Wishing everyone a splendid Christmas!

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Magpie Games Associate Sponsor

New comers Magpie Games are Associate Sponsors for UKGE 2020.

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Dice & Decks are Associate Sponsors!

Newcomers Dice & Decks join as Associate Sponsors!

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German HeidelBÄR GAMES to join UKGE with hot games!

First Timer's Guide Sponsors are first timers at UKGE!

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Greater Than Games: Return as Associate Sponsors

UKGE welcomes back Greater Than Games to the UKGE 2020

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Cubicle_7_40k Week 4.jpg

Cubicle 7 are back as Associate Sponsors

With more RPGs for 2020!

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Wayland Games: Major Sponsors for UKGE 2020

Wayand games return as Major Sponsors of the Uk Games Expo 2020.

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Alley Cat Associate Sponsors of UKGE 2020

Alleycat Games joins as a first time Associate Sponsor

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HABA Sponsor the Children's Zone.

We have two Family Zone Sponsors for 2020!

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Coiledspring: Sponsor the Let's Play Zone

We have two Family Zone sponsors for 2020!

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Paizo is Proud to Help Sponsor UK Games Expo 2020

Paizo level up to Major Sponsors of the UKGE 2020

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Magnate the First City - last 26 hours on Kickstarter

Magnate is being kickstarted by Naylor Games one of the UKGE's exhibitors.

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Catan Major Sponsors of UKGE 2020

Catan return as Major Sponsors of UKGE 2020

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