Break out the graph paper!

We often get asked about laying out stands - particularly by first time exhibitors.

Often they are a bit at sea or confused by the fact stands are described in square metres and furniture is in ft and inches.

Furniture sizes.

Standard tables sizes in imperial and metric

Imperial Size Metric Size
3ft rounds 0.91m
4ft rounds 1.22m
4ft x 2ft 1.22m x 0.61m
5ft x 2ft 1.52m x 0.61m
6ft x 2ft 6" 1.83m x 0.75m
Typical chair 0.5mx0.5m

These are the standard sizes we can supply . See Furniture


How do I get in to my stand?

Regardless of the size of your stand you can only gain entrance to it from open sides.

A row stand only has one opening - from the front

A corner stand will be open on two sides

An endcap will be open on three sides.

An island will be open on all four sides.

Do not assume that you can get into your stand via another exhibitor's stand.

So for an example if you put a 6ft table width ways accross a 2m wide stand you have to squeeze in through a 17cm gap or climb under the table!


Get out the Graph Paper.

The best way to map out your stand is to get out a sheet of graph paper and plan it out.

Make 1square 1mx1m and start drawing in furniture.


Some examples Layouts follow: