Pirates of Penryn

Sea Griffin Games

Ahoy me hearties! Today we have been boarded by Sea Griffins and the Pirates of Penryn:

Pirates of Penryn arrrrr thrilled to be part of this year's UKGE! Our new game of charm, ferocity, rum and sea-monsters was successfully Kickstarted at the end of last year and became a Cornish Christmas hit.

Fresh from this glorious triumph in their native lands, the crew merrily set sail westward beyond the pond and have anchored in landlocked Las Vegas for their first US unboxing. See what them blaggards at Pirates Parley had to say about the treasures.

If you would like to get your hands on our famously silky playing map, meet the makers and their scurvy crew, then come and say ahoy at our stand (1:285). We'll be playing grudge-filled exhibition matches, so join in the duels and skirmishes, set the marvelous monstrous Morgawr upon your opponents, and sail your way to VICTORY! We cannot necessarily promise there will be rum!...but then again we cannot necessarily promise there won't be! Cheers me hearties!

For more info on how to play, bilge encrusted music videos and a free piratical shanty album download, come visit us aboard piratesofpenryn.com or check out the sillyness on our Facebook page.

Be sea-ing you!

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