Write Like A Pro

Product ID:PUB5066

Type: Publisher/Designer Track

Day: Saturday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 16:30:00 - End Time: 18:00:00

Maximum Players: 100

Event Description

Do you seek adventure; do you want to take advantage of some sage advice from a seasoned traveller in the by-ways and high-ways of various fantasy and science fiction worlds? If you do, then you’ll want to pop by Write Like a Pro: Worlds Apart hosted by Darren W. Pearce – an industry veteran who has worked in the RPG industry since 2000 and written for some pretty awesome settings. Join Darren and talk about world design, issues, ideas, and experiment within an informal workshop designed to get you up to speed about the aspects of worlds and characters you might not have met yet.

Please email Darren pearce to reserve your seat in this workshop.