Publisher -Designer Networking event

Product ID:PUB4475

Type: Publisher/Designer Track

Day: Friday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 21:00:00 - End Time: 23:30:00

Maximum Players: 150

Event Description

The Publisher -Designer Networking event at the UK Games Expo 2019, will take place on Friday 31st May at 9pm.

This private event is for designers, publishers and other members of the gaming industry.

There will be short 15 minute talks by Cartamundi, Alex Yeager and James Wallis, with plenty of time afterwards to meet up for a drink and a chat, as either a networking opportunity or as a way to unwind after a long day at the show. (There will be gaming tables available in Piazza 1 and 2 for showing or playing prototypes if required or just to sit at and chat.)

Details on the Talks:
Cartamundi our sponsors will open this section - The great board game revival, who’s playing…… and how can Cartamundi help? A brief presentation on the current status of the board games market, industry and customer trends, and how Cartamundi can help bring your ideas to life.

Then our guest speakers will each present a short topic relevant to game design.

Alex Yeager (Mayfair Games, Steve Jackson Games) talks about the variety of uses for cards in games, shows off a few notable examples, and why looking for more is time well spent.

James Wallis (Once Upon a Time, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen) explains why narrative elements are crucial in modern tabletop games, and how to build storytelling into your designs.

21.00 Welcome drinks in Piazza room 7.
21.05 - 21.45 Networking in all the Piazza rooms.
21.45 Guest Talks in Piazza 5&6
22.30 Further Networking
23.30 Event ends.

Applying to attend.
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