Werewolf: Live (Late Show)

Product ID:LIV4397

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Friday

Price: £6.00

Start time: 23:00:00 - End Time: 24:00:00

Maximum Players: 300

Minimum Age:12A

Event Description

"Come onstage and fight for your life, hunt down the werewolves or laugh from the audience in this immersive comedy game show! A theatrical reimagining of the classic game of deception, Werewolf: Live has been performed all over the world, allowing hundreds to hurl accusations and unjustly murder their friends. Jon Gracey of The Beta Males, ***** (Time Out, FringeGuru.com, ThreeWeeks, BroadwayBaby.com), presents an interactive hour of mob rule and delicious paranoia. Will you save your village... or tear it apart?"


"Refreshingly great" ***** - VoiceMag.uk
**** - Mumble comedy
"A rare and special experience" - AYoungerTheatre.com
"Highly watchable" - The List
"Simply very funny to watch" - Coaching For Geeks

Best Newcomer nominee, Brighton Fringe 2017.

Want to known how the game works? Watch this cool animation.