Friday 29 - Sunday 31 May 2020
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The StoryMaster’s Tales presents Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon

Saturday, Friday
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The StoryMaster’s Tales presents Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon LIVE. 

This new immersive and interactive show, will take YOU into the Tower of Yaztromo the Wizard, where he will transport you into the dreaded Deathtrap Dungeon in search of winning the coveted crown of the Trial of Champions. 

Based upon the hugely successful Fighting Fantasy book, selected members of the audience will have to work together and get past all the dangers, puzzles and monsters that Baron Sukumvit has placed to thwart you. Suitable for all ages from ages 8 to adult. 

Reviews of The StoryMastersTales past live shows

Amazing! 5 Stars

“House Of Hell Live was a brilliant show experience, both submersive and engaging for the whole audience. With gothic set pieces, scary encounters, chilling background music and Ollys adaptation is faithful to the book. Full marks for enjoyment and congratulations to all involved. We need more of this.” Jamsplace

Wow!! 5 Stars

“My daughters (12 &14) were a little sceptical about this afternoon out. However, the team did not disappoint. I did think my partner enjoyed his afternoon more than anyone but as a D&D gamer of 20 years, I was not surprised!

This show was interactive, thought prompting, fun, exciting and great all-round entertainment!!

Flippin brilliant!!”

Immersive and compellingly interactive theatre 5 Stars

“I am reviewing 'The Maddening' the first horror production by The StoryMaster’s Tales. I took my two sons, aged 16 and 14 respectively. Walking down the stone steps into an atmospherically low lit theatre a robed masked person indicated that we should be seated. Clever use of audio and music introduced us to important characters and different locations from which we were to seek clues to try to solve a mystery.

Noah, my eldest was really into the role play. We felt completely absorbed by 'The Maddening' forgetting completely that we were actually in a small room on Rye. Well done indeed to the cast of three, an excellent piece of entertainment.”