UK Games Expo Supporting Charity

UK Games Expo supports charity. We do this by direct donations to our chosen charities.

This year we are supporting


SUDC UK is a charity dedicated to:

You can find out more about this charity on

Coram Beanstalk

A charity to help children with literacy problems.

You can find out more about this charity on

Seren's ALL Stars

Seren's ALL Stars is a Special Named Fund at CCLG raising funds for research into acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

You can find out more about this charity on this page...

Sources of charity donations

Our sources of charity donations comes from these routes:

The profit from the Bring & Buy (we charge a commission on items sold on the Bring & Buy).

The commission on the Maths Trade Run by Playtest.

Cosplayers may also collect via buckets on the fronts of daleks etc. from space we will allocate them.

The Giant Happy Salmon Game - come and take part

All these donations will be given to these charities. These proceeds are declared by UKGE in our company returns. In 2018 we gave over £19000 to charity.

Who Handles the contributions?

This year we have appointed officials to oversee the donations and handing onto Charitable Organisations.

Can my charity attend UK Games Expo?

We sometimes get approached by Charities wanting to set up a stand at the Expo. We usually decline such approaches. Why?

Our best way to help charities is to be focused and support 2 or 3 defined charities via the above routes. If the hall has loads of stalls for this charity and that charity visitors can easily become annoyed and develop “charity fatigue”.

Often Charities sell materials utterly unrelated to Games and game related products. Our policy on trade stands is that we are a games convention and that we book stands for companies selling games and products related to games and the games genres.